At, we are dedicated to fortifying your online confidentiality. What data do we gather? When perusing our platform, information is acquired from your interactions. Upon submission or registration, you might be prompted to provide your name or email address. Yet, exploration of our platform can be conducted incognito. How is your data leveraged? The information amassed can be utilized in diverse ways, such as refining our website and augmenting customer assistance.

   How do we safeguard your data? Rigorous security protocols are enacted to preserve the integrity of your personal details when placing an order or accessing, submitting, or modifying your personal data. Cookies play a pivotal role in this protective framework. These diminutive files, translocated to your computer’s hard drive through your web browser, facilitate our systems in recognizing and recollecting specific details to heighten your browsing experience.

    Cookies serve to comprehend and archive your inclinations for subsequent visits. This Online Confidentiality Manifesto exclusively pertains to information amassed via our online platform and not to offline data compilation. Should alterations be made to our confidentiality policy, such modifications will be promptly disseminated on this page. For any inquiries or recommendations.



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